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"The essence of nonviolence is love. Out of love and the willingness to act selflessly, strategies, tactics, and techniques for a nonviolent struggle arise naturally. Nonviolence is not a dogma; it is a process."

Thich Nhat Hanh

Fri, Nov 3, 2006 at 8:54 PM

Resources - DVD‘s

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911 In Plane Site - Directors Cut
Contrary to the pictures shown to the American public, after the fact, why does photographic evidence taken only a few moments after the Pentagon event show no wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon? Where is the plane? Where is the tail, the wings, the luggage, the seats, the landing gear; the engines? What happened to the passengers? Very detailed, very disturbing! A free DVD will be sent to anybody who lost friends or family on September 11th, 2001.

911 In Plane Site - Japanese Edition
This is the pre Directors Cut version for Japanese speakers.

911 Eyewitness
The seven laws of science prove treason, fraud and murder occurred on Sept. 11th 2001. Slow motion, freeze-frame video and audio analysis reveal the hidden truth.

911 Revisited
For just the cost of shipping you can get this excellent 40 minute DVD with a compilation of footage that raises serious questions. An online version of the film can be viewed here.

911: The Road To Tyranny
The government needed a crisis to convince the people to willingly give up their liberty in exchange for safety. Now the painful facts are in.The dark forces of global govenment are funding, training and protecting terrorist networks worldwide. 911 The Road to Tyranny Part 2 documents the ruthless history of governments orchestrating terrorist attacks against their own people to scare them into total submission.

In this brutal expose by Alex Jones of Prison Planet, you will witness the birth of a global police state that surpasses Orwell's nightmarish vision. It's all here: the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the modern implementation of fear-based control and, most frightening of all, the new world order's future plans. This is one film you cannot afford to ignore. The future of free people everywhere is at stake.

Arlington West
Eighty-three interviews, with soldiers and Marines en route to and returning from the war in Iraq, plus interviews with military families, make up this moving documentary by longtime activist-artists Sally Marr and Peter Dudar.

Beyond Treason
This extremely powerful 89 minute film presents comprehensive documentation from United States Government archives of a massive cover-up, including military and civilian experimentation, dating back over 60 years.

Blowin In The Wind
The picture Blowin In The Wind paints about DU (Depleted Uranium) and the consequences for us all if we don't raise our protest loud and long... is too devastating to ignore.

...More than ever, it's time for us all to stand up and be counted for the decency and genuine moral values of what I believed as a kid it meant to be 'a fair dinkum' Australian. Not a false, jingoistic patriotism that is built on fear, that justifies war crimes in the name of the so-called War on Terror. Rather, I embrace a healthy nationalism that acknowledges who we are as Australians with compassion for the underdog and giving everyone a fair go. In a humble but sincere way, I hope this film made with a lot of heart and commitment can play a small but important role in galvanising a lot of us to do just that - David Bradbury.

Fahrenheit 911
One of the most controversial and provocative films of 2005, Fahrenheit 9/11 is Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore's searing examination of the Bush administration's actions in the wake of the tragic events of 9/11.

Hijacking Catastrophe
Examines how the trauma of the 9/11 terror attacks is being used to transform American foreign policy and roll back civil liberties etc.

Loose Change
Did you know that in 1945 a B52 Bomber crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building in New York? Fourteen people died, but the building stands intact to this day... Did you know that on February 12, 2005, the 32 story Windsor Tower in Madrid burnt for 24 hours. The top ten floors were destroyed but the building did not collapse. After you see Loose Change, common sense will tell you something truly fishy happened on Sept. 11, 2001. A free DVD will be sent to anybody who lost friends or family on September 11th, 2001. See the trailer here.

Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen. The Constitution has been shredded and America is now a Police State. This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators. A film by Alex Jones.

Painful Deceptions
Two hour long DVD showing incredible footage, including that of people standing in the holes left in the World Trade Center prior to it collapsing. If the fires were so hot, how is it that they could be there and ALIVE? Amazing footage! The main website is here.

Poison Dust
During the current Iraq War the U.S. use of radioactive DU (Depleted Uranium) weapons increased from 375 tons used in 1991 to 2200 tons. Geiger counter readings at sites in downtown Baghdad record radiation levels 1,000 and 2,000 times higher than background radiation. The Pentagon has bombed, occupied, tortured and contaminated Iraq. Millions of Iraqis are affected. Over one million U.S. soldiers have rotated into Iraq. Today, half of the 697,000 U.S. Gulf War troops from the 1991 war have reported serious medical problems and a significant increase in birth defects among their newborn children. The Geneva Conventions clearly ban weapons that continue to kill or cause genetic effects after the fighting ends, not to mention weapons that unduly damage the natural environment. Why does the US continue to use DU?

Power And Terror
This film premiered in Tokyo on September 11, 2002 on the first anniversary of the 9.11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. The film chronicles the latest in the thinking and activism of the noted linguist Noam Chomsky, who since the Vietnam War era has been a vocal and consistent critic of the way the United States exercises state power in the world arena. A collaboration between the independent Japanese production house Siglo and American film director John Junkerman, Power and Terror is in worldwide distribution, beginning with theatrical release in Japan, the United States, and Australia.

The Corporation
As a legal entity, a corporation has as its edict one and only one goal, to create profits for its shareholders, without legal or moral obligation to the welfare of workers, the environment, or the well-being of society as a whole. Corporations have successfully hijacked governments, promoting free-market solutions to virtually all of the concerns of human endeavor. Competition and self-interest dominate, and other aspects of human nature, such as creativity, empathy, and the ability to live in harmony with the earth, are suppressed and even ridiculed. Bakan believes that, like Communism, this ideological order cannot last and that corporate rule must be challenged to bring balance and revive the values of democracy, social justice, equality, and compassion. This eye-opening look at a system "programmed to exploit others for profit" has been made into a provocative film documentary that could be the next Bowling for Columbine. David Siegfried - The move can be downloaded from here.

The Friendship Village
"An extraordinarily moving and powerful film. It is by turns heartrending and inspiring. Centering it on the experiences and thought of Vietnam veteran George Mizo was a brilliant idea. I believe the film is a proper tribute to the life of this remarkable human being. I hope this film will be seen by large numbers of young people, to remind them of what the U.N. charter calls "the scourge of war". Howard Zinn, Author, A People's History of the United States: 1492-Present, Terrorism and War.

The Great Conspiracy
Canadian, Barrie Zwicker analyses the use of fear to befuddle the public, and deconstructs the so-called "war on terrorism" as a public control mechanism. He then examines in depth the failure of the military to function on 9/11 and the entirely inappropriate behavior of the president and his aides that day. Finally, the resistance of the White House to any proper investigation, the extreme taintedness of the 9/11 commission and its drastic underperformance are examined.

The Oil Factor
After assessing today's dwindling oil reserves and skyrocketing use of oil for fuels, plastics and chemicals, "The Oil Factor" questions the motives for the U.S. wars in the Middle-East and Central Asia where 3/4 of the world's oil and natural gas is located.

What I Have Learned about US Foreign Policy
A two hour video compilation by Frank Dorrel. This film is a powerful indictment of the U.S. as an overreaching imperialist power, ready and able to impose its will on virtually any country in the world that seeks control over its own economy or politics. Japanese title, Who is the Terrorist? (テロリストは誰?)

What Really Happened on 9/11?
William Rodriguez, the last person to escape from the World Trade Center gave a talk in California early in 2006. This a video of his moving presentation where he takes you through the events of that day. This is a must see video!

Why We Fight
What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism? This award-winning film provides an inside look at the anatomy of the American war machine. Now available on Amazon. This film was also broadcast in Japan on NHK on Dec. 18, 2005 with the title of 「なぜアメリカは戦うのか」(Naze America wa tatakau no ka) Directed by Eugene Jarecki, USA, 2005.