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Yumi Kikuchi and how the Global Peace Campaign began

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  let us fight no more

Osho YamadaWe have started a global peace campaign as something we can do from Japan with other international groups of people. In retaliation for the terrorist attacks in the US, the United States and other nations are on the verge of an riprisal attack which would eventually lead us to a possible World War éR. Our aim is to appeal to the power of peaceful resolution through the international judicial institutions rather than the military power. For this purpose, we are preparing to put an advertisement in the major US newspapers, including NY times, Washington Post, USA Today, LA times, SF Chronicle. The cost is 17,000,000 yen to have one page of NY Times. Though it sounds a huge amount, we can make it if 1700 people donate ten thousand yen each or 17000 people with donation of one thousand yen each. We sincerely hope that many people will join us to support "the ad for the US newspapers" with love, courage, and action.

Representative of Kobe Genki Mura
Open Japan Office Osho Yamada

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